Lexington Senior Centers re-opening plans

As of Friday, June 11, 2021, the Lexington Senior Center and its satellite locations (Bell House, Charles Young Center and Black & Williams) are open to participants.

Frequently asked questions about re-opening

What activities will be offered?

We will open with just a few activities and add more as time goes by. The Lexington Senior Center will start with group fitness classes, fitness center workouts, billiards and library time. Our satellite centers will have group fitness and some art classes available.

How can I attend these activities?

Participants may begin attending the Senior Center on Friday, June 11, at 8 a.m. Participants are required to sign in using the MySeniorCenter kiosks located at the front desk and upstairs, or with staff. This will ensure a reserved spot in the in-person fitness classes. 

Can I attend multiple activities each day?

Yes! There is no limit to how many activities a participant can attend in a day. 

Can I stop by the Center and visit with friends for coffee?

Yes! The Center will be open for drop ins and coffee is available!

What about art and music classes?

The session of Art and Music classes interrupted by COVID-19 in early 2020 have restarted. Limited art classes will be offered at the satellite centers. Watch for more detailed information in our LSC newsletters. 

What about bingo, cards, table tennis and lunch?

These activities will need to wait. We hope to be able to add bingo, card games and table tennis to our offerings in the near future, as CDC guidelines change. Lunch is offered on a drive-through basis Tuesday – Thursday at the Lexington Senior Center. Contact Emily Dahlman at the center for details.

What precautions are you taking to insure our safety?

  • All staff members are required to take temperature and acknowledge they are free of COVID symptoms daily.
  • Masks are currently required and available at the front desk.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are available.
  • All restrooms are cleaned and sanitized hourly.
  • Social distancing is required and will be enforced for all group activities. 
  • Water fountains are for bottle refill use only.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing will be performed after each activity.
  • Aircuity technology is available through the Lexington Senior Center, which brings in fresh air from outside at regular intervals. Satellite centers will open windows where possible.
  • Air cleaners/purifiers have been installed in the fitness center areas at the Lexington Senior Center.

What if I have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

  • If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you remain at home and do not enter the senior center.
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 please follow CDC guidelines and the Health Department recommendations and quarantine away from others. 
  • Please contact the Lexington Senior Center and/or Satellite Centers if you recently participated and then tested positive for COVID-19.