Clays Mill Road detour routes to Harrodsburg Road

Clays Mill Road, from Lane Allen to Harrodsburg Road, is currently limited to residential traffic only on most roadways as the city continues its work to widen Clays Mill. Motorists are strongly encouraged to detour around the area using Rosemont Garden, Lane Allen Road and Harrodsburg Road.

The culvert at Southbend Drive is being replaced, and the road will not be passable until this December when the culvert and utility construction is completed.

There is no cut-through to Clays Mill Road from Reed Lane, Woodbine Drive, McCubbing Drive or Southbend Drive. Drivers coming from Lafayette Parkway should use Springhill Drive or Rosemont Garden to reach Harrodsburg Road. These routes will assist with traffic from Lafayette High School. Motorists passing through the area are encouraged to use Lane Allen Road and Harrodsburg Road to avoid construction on Clays Mill Road.

The following road sections are restricted to local traffic and cannot be used as cut-throughs:

  • Clays Mill Road from Lane Allen to Southbend Drive.
  • Clays Mill Road from Southbend Drive to Harrodsburg Road.
  • Reed Lane, Woodbine Drive, McCubbing Drive and Southbend Drive are open to residents only.
  • Blue Ash Drive is open to residents and Lafayette Christian Church only.

As a reminder, work has resumed on Clays Mill Road from Waco Road to Pasadena Drive. Two-way traffic will be maintained, but motorists are advised to proceed cautiously through the construction area. Work on this section is expected to be completed this fall.

This final section of the Clays Mill Road Project is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2023. Find out more about the work on Clays Mill Road at