Health and safety policies

The health and safety of employees and others on city property are of critical concern to the city. The city intends to comply with all health and safety laws applicable to our government-business. To this end, we shall rely upon employees to ensure that work areas are kept safe and free of hazardous conditions. Employees are required to be conscientious about workplace safety, including proper operating methods, and recognize dangerous conditions or hazards.

Any workplace injury, accident, or illness shall be reported to the employee's supervisor immediately or as soon as possible, regardless of the severity of the injury or accident. See the Workers’ Compensation section of this handbook for more information.

Any unsafe conditions or potential hazards shall be reported to management immediately, even if the problem appears to be corrected. Any suspicion of a concealed danger present on the city's premises or in a facility, piece of equipment, process, or practice for which the city is responsible shall be brought to the attention of management immediately. However, if there is imminent danger, contact the Lexington Police Department.

Periodically, the city may issue rules and guidelines governing workplace safety and health. The city may also issue rules and guidelines regarding the handling and disposal of hazardous substances and waste. All employees should familiarize themselves with these rules and guidelines, as strict compliance will be expected. 

OSHA standards

Operation of vehicles

Vehicle/equipment incident review committee

Workers compensation (WCOMP)

Disability (WCOMP)



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