Hazardous Devices Unit

Phone: (859) 425-2060

The HDU is part of the Bureau of Special Operations. The unit is responsible for:

  • Proper storage and disposal of recovered explosives
  • Disposal of recovered fireworks
  • Mitigation of improvised explosive devices
  • Assistance with collection of evidence from hazardous devices

The Lexington Police Hazardous Devices Unit was established in June 2001 in response to a need for capabilities to deal with recovered military ordnance, commercial explosives, and improvised explosive devices. 

Officers are assigned to the Hazardous Devices Unit on a part time basis in addition to their regularly assigned duties. They receive extensive training in the handling of commercial explosives, hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction including chemical and biological weapons. The Hazardous Devices Unit completes monthly in-house training as well as regular training with other state and federal law enforcement agencies.