The guidelines outline the penalties and remedial administrative actions for various types of work deficiencies and undesirable behavior. The guidelines also provide more severe penalties for multiple offenses, which if considered alone would result only in lesser penalties. Finally, at management’s discretion, a pattern of offenses over a period, which resulted in oral warnings or written reprimands for each offense when considered alone, may support a suspension or dismissal when considered together. However, reprimands or suspensions that are five (5) years old or older shall not be used in imposing current disciplinary action.

Penalties recommended in these guidelines shall be applied similarly to employees with similar violations. The appropriate disciplinary action will be determined after the supervisors have carefully considered the circumstances of each case. In each case, supervisors shall rely on their judgment as experienced administrators to arrive at the proper disciplinary action. Commissioners and directors periodically should review compliance with these guidelines to ensure that all supervisors are being consistent in taking disciplinary action and to ensure that they are aware of the code.

It is difficult for the uniform disciplinary code (“code”) and guidelines to be all-inclusive or to assign an appropriate penalty to every offense or work deficiency. The recommended discipline is to be used as a guide and is not intended to be mandatory or all-inclusive. The city will deal with each situation individually and nothing in this handbook should be construed as a promise of specific treatment in a given situation. In the event any section of the guidelines conflicts with the provisions of Kentucky revised statutes (KRS) 95.450 or KRS 15.520, the statutes shall prevail. In the event any section of the guidelines conflicts with the provisions of collective bargaining agreements, the collective bargaining agreements shall prevail.

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