Environmental education resources for home

From coloring pages to geocaching to virtual tours to activity kits, this page serves as a one-stop-shop for activities you can do with your kids at home or out in the local community.

  • Geocaching is like going on a treasure hunt! There are water-quality themed caches throughout Lexington, maintained by the city. Each City cache includes a keepsake and information related to a nearby water feature. If you love geocaching, there are hundreds of caches you can find locally. All it takes is a GPS-enabled smartphone and an app.
  • Central Kentucky has a diverse tree population. Take the kids to meet some of the many species around Fayette County by taking the Go See Trees tour. Then, test your new tree ID know-how on a neighborhood walk!
  • Everyone loves to color. The city has designed several coloring sheets for your enjoyment. Feel free to send us a pic of the final product. Post to social and tag @LiveGreenLex or email it to us at livegreen@lexingtonky.gov.
  • Download these leaf templates to make gift tags, paper mache ornaments, cookies & more!
  • More art, you say? No problem. Paint and adopt a storm drain near you to help protect your local creek.
  • Did you ever wonder what happens to water once it goes down the shower drain? Or, how all that stuff you put in your blue bin is sorted for recycling? Check out our virtual tours to learn more.
  • Sneak in some learning with these fun video lessons. You can always ask us follow-up questions on social (@LiveGreenLex) or via email (livegreen@lexingtonky.gov). Keep up with @LiveGreenLex on social to find out about other live tours, lessons and events.
  • Be a LexPlorer! Check out these activity “kits” that can be completed at home. Modified versions are being distributed through community partners, but all K-8 students in Lexington can participate.
  • Protect your pipes! Ever wondered what happens when the wrong things go down our drains? Follow a sewer robot through the pipes or model flushing things at home with the videos below!