Division & Program Review Process Subcommittee

This is a subcommittee out of the Budget, Finance, and Economic Development Committee.


To consider a review process of LFUCG's divisions and or programs that will take place within the Budget, Finance, and Economic Development Committee and to propose a pilot project for FY2021.

Scope of Work

The subcommittee will select a division(s) and or program(s) for a pilot project of the review process; outline the goals of the financially focused division-level evaluation; and explore and define what the process and evaluation would consist of for the pilot project including what would be asked of the division(s).

Subcommittee Members

Amanda Mays Bledsoe, Councilmember, Chair, 10th District

Steve Kay, Vice Mayor, At-Large

James Brown, Councilmember, 1st District

Susan Lamb, Councilmember, 4th District