Carolina Allspice

All About Carolina Allspice:

Scientific Nomenclature: Calycanthus floridus

Common Names: sweetshrub, spicebush, Bubby bush 

Mature Height: 6–12 feet

Mature Spread: 6–12 feet

Growth Rate: Moderate

Attracts Wildlife: Pollinators

Messiness: The leaves create a strawberry-banana-like smell when crushed. Flowers will drop soon after their spring bloom and fruit pods drop in late autumn.

Shape: Round

Native to Kentucky: Yes

Preferred Soils: Carolina allspice prefers well-drained clay and loam with high organic matter content. Acidic (<6.0pH), neutral (6.0–8.0pH) and/or alkaline (>8.0pH) soils are preferred.

Screening: Useful as a screening/privacy plant.

Drought Tolerance: It can withstand fire and heat but is ultimately not tolerant of drought.

Coniferous or Deciduous: Deciduous

Pruning: Prune immediately after flowers bloom to help shape the plant or maintain compactness as Carolina allspice produces many suckers.