Bluegrass Archery Tournament

This annual archery tournament will take place at Hisle Farm Park. This tournament is purely recreational and is not currently a NASP or USA Archery endorsed event. It includes competitions for multiple age brackets and skill levels: standard, long distance and single shot 3D. It will be a Standard shoot which is set at 20 meters, shooting 3 rounds of 5 arrows each, for a cumulative score. Compound and recurve shoots will be offered if we have shooters in each category. Adaptive equipment, finger tabs, shooting guards and mechanical releases are allowed. No stabilizers greater than 14 inches in length may be used. Also, no sighting devices may be used and no over draws may be used. Only field tips are permitted for use on the arrows. All arrows must be fletched; however, the fletching style is entirely up to the preference of the shooters. 

Age brackets: 11 – 17, 18 – 39, 40+

Kenneth Black
(859) 225-4073


Date & Time: TBA

Hisle Farm Park 
3551 Briar Hill Rd.
Lexington, KY

Competitions will be decided based on individual score and separated by age and skill.

Amateur: Persons with less than three years of shooting experience and who have not competed previously in an organized archery event. 

Veteran: Persons with greater than three years shooting experience or prior organized competition experience.