Police Training Academy

At the Lexington Police Department, we are trained for this city. Our training academy is the longest in the state, which allows our officers to get the training they need to effectively interact with the public and build relationships within the Lexington community. 

For more information, contact a Lexington Police Recruiter

E-mail: joinlexpd@lexingtonpolice.ky.gov

Call: (859) 425-2325

The Basic Training Academy includes two phases:

  • Orientation This phase lasts three weeks. In the orientation phase, recruit officers will receive equipment and become oriented to the academy's rules, policies and procedures. Recruit officers will also complete mandatory training required of new City government employees including orientation to the police department and signing up for various benefits.
  • Certified The certified phase lasts 30 weeks and is monitored by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. Topics include: legal, defensive tactics and physical training, patrol operations, patrol skills, investigations, firearms and advanced skills. At the end of the certified phase, the recruit officer will be sworn as a police officer, but will remain in the academy to complete classroom training. At the end of the certified phase, the recruit will graduate and begin the Field Training Officer Program.

Academy overview

  • Approximately 32-33 weeks in length
  • Recruits are challenged academically and physically
  • Recruits are required to pass weekly written exams and a comprehensive final exam
  • Recruits are required to pass practical skills tests in defensive tactics, firearms, and driving
  • Minimum passing score on all exams is 75 percent or higher
  • Mandatory physical fitness standards


The academy is located at 500 Newtown Pike in Lexington. Classes are Monday-Friday; hours may vary based upon training needs. A typical day begins at 7:45 a.m. with inspection, followed by class beginning at 8 a.m. Classes are in session until 5 p.m. Recruits will have studies to complete at home, uniforms to prepare and physical conditioning to do. 

Field Training Officer Program

The Field Training Officer Program includes two training phases:

  • Field Training Officer Phase This phase of training lasts 15 weeks. The recruit officer will ride with a patrol officer that is a certified Field Training Officer. This phase allows the recruit officer to apply the academy training in a practical situation under the close guidance of an experienced police officer. The recruit officer will be required to demonstrate the job knowledge and skills necessary to be a police officer. The recruit officer will be assigned to each of the three different sectors in the Bureau of Patrol and will work with three separate FTO's for a period of five weeks each.
  • Solo Phase This phase continues until the end of the recruit officer's probationary period, which begins on the date they are sworn-in. In this phase the recruit officer will be assigned to solo patrol duties. This phase is conducted under the close supervision of a squad sergeant and will determine if the recruit officer has the ability to be a permanent police officer with the Lexington Police Department.

Uniforms and Equipment 

All uniforms and equipment are purchased new and supplied for each recruit. The recruit will be given a monthly uniform allowance to maintain and replace the equipment. The equipment expenditures for a new recruit are the purchase of physical training clothing to be used during the academy. 

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