High Street Corridor Safety & Mobility Improvements

Lexington, Kentucky

Project At A Glance

The High Street Corridor Safety and Mobility Improvements initiative will address critical needs related to vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian safety for a highly trafficked area of downtown Lexington. The project was prompted by a significant accident record that has increased at an alarming rate with the tragic loss of life. Given its convergence with the newly expanded Rupp Arena Convention Center and an adjacent developing urban park project (Town Branch Par), concerns for safety have accelerated the effort to improve this roadway and address connectivity for adjacent neighborhoods along with trail and park visitors. The convention center, arena, and new park will be a regional attraction, resulting in increased activity for all modes of travel throughout the entirety of this corridor. This project also brings a pivotal opportunity to more safely connect nearby underserved neighborhoods that have lacked equitable access to recreational opportunities that are more readily available in other suburban areas of Lexington.

High Street, formerly U.S. 60, was acquired by the City through a roadway swap with KYTC that was completed in 2018. This transfer effectively paved the way for the arena and convention center and park improvement efforts that are both currently ongoing. The objective for the High Street Project is to comprehensively address the current and future needs for corridor safety through improved roadway geometrics and traffic calming measures that promote safe mobility and connectivity for the surrounding areas. Persistent roadside safety hazards will also be mitigated through coordinated pole relocations and improvement strategies, in response to safety and accessibility issues that affect roadway and pedestrian mobility. Access to the convention center, arena, area trails, and park will also be better defined and established to reduce conflicts with both vehicular and truck traffic while enabling a more secure experience for visitation to these community amenities and the livable environment they will help create for people of all ages and abilities. 

The City of Lexington has applied for federal transportation grant funds through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). If awarded, RAISE funding will help Lexington improve safety and mobility on a corridor that has experienced two fatalities since April 2021. The proposed project is described in more detail in the City's RAISE Grant Application. This project is made possible through the collaboration of numerous community partners, including Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Lexington Center Corporation, Town Branch Park Non-Profit, Kentucky Utilities, and the Lexington Area MPO.


Key Project Outcomes

The key project outcomes LFUCG seeks with RAISE grant funding include:

Safety–The project will increase corridor mobility and safety using proven traffic calming techniques with clear zone enhancements that address roadside safety hazards resulting in severe injury and fatalities.

Quality of Life–Through improved multimodal connections to the Lexington Community Land Trust area and former redlined neighborhoods; accessibility to recreation, jobs, and service areas will be enhanced.

Economic Competitiveness–The project supports accessibility and growth for an adjacent Mixed-Use TIF District that will return up to $41 Million in leveraged tax revenues with new job opportunities for area residents.

Benefit-Cost–Through reversal of serious accident and injury trends with application of proven traffic-calming techniques, over $50 Million in discounted crash-benefits is provided over the 20-year horizon period.

Public and Private Partnership–Fully aligned project partners provide non-government local match commitment and in-kind support to advance the implementation of quality of life infrastructure for the community.

Project Area

Project map



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