Euclid sanitary sewer improvement project

The Euclid sanitary sewer improvement project has been completed

Nov 16, 2020 update:

  • Paving continues on Euclid Ave. this week.
  • Euclid Ave. will be one-way from S. Ashland to Woodland Ave. toward Avenue of Champions on Tuesday, Nov. 17, Thursday, Nov. 19 and Friday, Nov 20. 
  • Avenue of Champions is paved and open. 

Euclid one-way toward Avenue of Champions map


Nov 11, 2011 update:

  • Avenue of Champions will be CLOSED Nov. 12 – 15 for milling and paving. The intersection of Rose St. and Avenue of Champions/Euclid Ave. will remain open. 
  • Euclid Ave. will be two-way but with lane closures during paving starting the week of Nov. 16. 

graphic showing Avenue of Champions closed from Nov 12 to 15



Oct. 23, 2020 update:

  • Paving is coming soon! Avenue of Champions and Euclid Ave. will have final paving this fall. The traffic plan and start date is being finalized. 
  • Scott St. remains closed from Chair Ave. to Oliver Lewis Way. 


Oct 9, 2020 update:

  • While sewer construction is complete, other utilities are working on Euclid Ave. and Avenue of Champions.
  • When that utility work is finished, the road will be paved. 
  • A lane is closed on Avenue of Champions for water line installation.


Sept. 10, 2020 update

  • Closures on Avenue of Champions and Winslow St. for utility and parking garage work.  
  • S. Upper, S. Limestone and Winslow will be paved soon. 
  • Scott St. from Chair Ave. to Oliver Lewis Way, and Emmaline Lane. are closed.
  • As the sewer line is tested, site cleanup will continue. 



July and August 2020 updates

Aug. 19, 2020 update: 

  • All of the sewer pipes are in the ground! The crews are testing the lines and cleaning up over the next few weeks, and they will reopen the lanes on Euclid Ave. closer to Tates Creek Rd. as they progress.
  • Avenue of Champions has other utility work planned for the following weeks.
  • We thank everyone, pedestrians and drivers alike, for their patience as we finish up this project. 


July 27, 2020 update:

  • Significant traffic changes coming on Monday, August 3.
  • No left turn from Tates Creek Rd. to Euclid Ave. Commuters can use Sunset Dr. and S. Ashland Ave. to reach businesses on Euclid Ave
  • No left turn from Euclid Ave. to Tates Creek Rd. Commuters can use S. Ashland Ave. to reach E. High St. 
  • Drivers from downtown on E. High St. will still be able to turn right onto Euclid Ave. 
  • These turn restrictions will be in place until late August. 

Euclid Avenue detour routes


July 9, 2020 update: 

  • Euclid Ave. is open from Rose St. to Woodland Ave. 
  • Please drive carefully and watch for construction traffic on Euclid.

June 2020 updates

June 29, 2020 update:

  • This week, there will be minor traffic impacts from S. Ashland to High St. due to temporary closures for sewer and water line marking.  


June 25, 2020 update:

  • Construction is approaching Park Ave. and so the lane closure on the south side of Euclid Ave. has been extended. Euclid remains two-way, but there is no turn lane. 
  • The lane closure will extend to Kroger within the next week, so please be patient when visiting Kroger and surrounding businesses. Visitors can use Marquis Ave. and S. Ashland Ave. to reach the Kroger parking lot and avoid the construction on Euclid Ave. 

Euclid Avenue detour routes


June 15, 2020 update: 

  • Euclid Ave. is two-way with no turn lane from Rose St. to Lafayette Ave. due to construction on the south side of Euclid. The road closure will extend past Lafayette as construction proceeds.
  • Scott St. is closed from Chair Ave. to Oliver Lewis Way, and Emmaline Ln. is closed. 
  • Approximately 75% of the pipe and manholes have been installed. 
  • Sewer construction is primarily complete on Avenue of Champions, but the road remains closed for installation of other utilities, including gas and water lines. The road will be repaved when all utilities are installed.


June 2, 2020 update:

  • Intersection of Woodland Ave. and Euclid Ave. will be closed Friday, June 5 at 7 a.m. to Monday, June 8 at 7 a.m. 
  • Until this fall, the south lane of Euclid Ave. will be closed from Rose to Oldham. 
  • Until this fall, the south lane of Euclid Ave. will have rolling closures from Oldham Ave. to Marquis Ave. 
  • Avenue of Champions remains closed for construction and maintenance of several different utilities. 
  • Businesses and side streets will remain accessible during construction. Detour routes will be available through the Waze app and by following signs in the area.

rolling lane closures on Euclid Ave

May 2020 updates

May 11:

  • The south side lane of Euclid Ave. from Rose St. to Woodland Ave. will be closed starting Tuesday, May 12 until mid-September. Euclid will remain two-way, but there will be no turn lane. Sidewalks will remain open on both sides of the street. 

Euclid Avenue detour routes

May 7:

The South Upper and Winslow Street closure has been delayed to next week. The closure is still expected to last one and a half weeks. 

The intersection of Avenue of Champions and Rose will remain closed for longer than scheduled for gas line work. 

Winslow and Upper street construction map

May 4:

  • South Upper Street will be closed from Winslow to Bolivar, and Winslow will be closed from Jersey Street to South Upper, beginning this Thursday, May 7. This closure is expected to last one and a half weeks.
  • Bolivar will be one way from South Mill toward South Upper as a detour route.

April 2020 updates

April 24:

  • Bolivar Street will be closed between Mill and Upper Streets for approximately one week beginning Wednesday, April 29. 
  • The intersection of Rose Street and Avenue of Champions will be closed for up to five days beginning Monday, May 4.
  • Avenue of Champions will be be fully closed, block-by-block, after the intersection of Rose and Avenue of Champions is reopened. These rolling closures will last until May 15.

bolivar construction map

avenue of champions one lane closed

April 16

  • Rose St. will be closed from Avenue of Champions to Rose Ln. for approximately three weeks beginning on Monday, April 20.
  • The Avenue of Champions/Euclid and Rose St. intersection will be closed for up to three days during the week of May 4.

February and March 2020 updates

March 25:

  • Bolivar St. will be one-way from S. Upper to S. Broadway beginning on Monday, March 30. Commuters coming from Oliver Lewis Way and S. Broadway can use Cedar St. as a detour. 
  • The Avenue of Champions lane closure will be extended to Rose St. on Wednesday, April 1. Avenue of Champions will be one-way from Rose St. to S. Limestone. Commuters traveling from S. Limestone should use E. Maxwell St. as a detour. The sidewalks on the north side of Avenue of Champions and the south side from S. Limestone to Martin Luther King Blvd. will remain open. The sidewalk on the south side of Avenue of Champions from Martin Luther King Blvd. to Rose St. will be closed.
  • These traffic changes are expected to last for several months. 


March 16:

  • The closure of the intersection at Chair Ave. and Scott St. has been extended to March 23. Area businesses remain accessible during this closure.


March 11

  • The intersection of S. Upper and Winslow Streets will be closed from 7 p.m. on Friday, March 13 to 6 a.m. on Monday, March 16, weather permitting. Area businesses will remain open during this closure.
  • Bolivar Street will be one-way from Plunkett St. toward Oliver Lewis Way and S. Broadway from March 23 – 27. Commuters traveling from Oliver Lewis Way and S. Broadway can use Cedar St. as a detour to South Upper St.
  • The intersection of Chair Ave. and Scott St. is closed from March 9 – 17. Area businesses remain accessible during this closure.
  • Avenue of Champions is currently one-way toward S. Limestone and will remain so until Fall, 2020. Commuters traveling from S. Limestone should use E. Maxwell St. as a detour. Sidewalks on both sides of the Avenue of Champions are open. To cross Avenue of Champions, pedestrians should use the crosswalks at S. Limestone and Lexington Ave.


March 4:

  • Traffic changes are coming soon to allow sewer construction to proceed. 
  • Beginning Monday, March 9: Avenue of Champions Avenue of Champions will be restricted to one-way traffic from Lexington Ave. to S. Limestone. Traffic from S. Limestone will not be able to turn right onto Avenue of Champions and must use Maxwell St. as a detour.
  • Friday, March 13 at 7 p.m. – Monday, March 16 at 6 a.m: Upper St. will be closed to all traffic at the Winslow intersection. 

Avenue of Champions detour

Bolivar detour route

Early February:

  • Construction on Winslow has begun! One lane of Winslow, which runs one-way between South Limestone and South Upper Street, is closed for sewer construction. Sewer crews will also work on a sewer pipe installation running from Patterson Street to South Broadway. This segment of the project will have limited traffic impacts on Chair Avenue and Emmaline Lane. South Upper Street is scheduled to be closed at Winslow during the weekend of March 14 and 15 for the installation of a new manhole and 40 feet of pipe. Detour and traffic information coming soon. 

construction area

construction area

About the project

large equipment excavating road at Winslow StreetLexington is replacing two miles of sanitary sewer line between Oliver Lewis Way and Tates Creek Road.

The project runs on Euclid Avenue through the University of Kentucky campus and the Chevy Chase business district. This project will cost $10.93 million and is part of the city’s obligations under the court-ordered consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency to improve Lexington’s sanitary sewers.

The original sanitary sewer was built in 1934 and is in disrepair, with defects and leaks that are difficult to reach. The pipe runs under many buildings, including the UK Fine Arts Center. Because the sewer is inaccessible in its current location, the new line is being laid in the street for easier access in case of repairs or other issues.

While this sanitary sewer project will be disruptive in the short term, it will improve Lexington’s water quality down the road. Though the federal consent decree to improve the city’s sewers is driving the timeline, the benefit to water quality in our local creeks and the increased sewer capacity for future growth makes this project a necessity.