Kentucky American Water

Kentucky American Water Company has placed a moratorium on service shut-offs at this time. In addition, they have waived late payments fees at this time.

According to federal and state drinking water regulations, Kentucky American Water reassures that filtration and disinfection of all surface water supplies require removal and inactivation of viruses and protozoan cysts. With this, drinking water currently meets all state and federal requirements and is not affected by COVID-19.

Other recommendations

It is recommended businesses review their HR policies regarding telework, or working from home. Increasing social distancing helps reduce the spread of the virus and increases the potential of employees staying healthy. Commerce Lexington is assisting businesses with the development of best practices.

In addition, it is recommended businesses evaluate their sick leave policies, especially for employees who do not have paid time off available. It is best to recommend employees stay home when ill, and providing paid time off will provide security to those financially unable to do so.