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pothole repair

The Division of Streets & Roads maintains all city and county roads,
except those on the state and federal highway system. Our work includes:

Pothole repair
Snow removal 
Street sweeping 
Intersection curb repair 
Sidewalk handicap ramp installation 
Routine and emergency servicing of storm sewer drains 
Maintenance of various bridges and certain creeks within the Urban Area

Pothole repair

Potholes are often created by the freeze-then-thaw cycle in winter and by damage caused by snow removal plowing.

To report a pothole on a city maintained street, please call Lexcall 3-1-1 or 425-2255 or CLICK TO FILE A REPORT ONLINE.

To report a pothole on a state maintained road, please call (859) 246-2059 or (859) 246-2355.

During normal times, we make every effort to repair a pothole that has been reported to LexCall within 48 hours of the call. 

Read: Patching potholes is routine work for Streets and Roads crew

salt_truck being reloaded

See the WINTER 2014-2015 SNOW AND ICE PLAN

The city has a comprehensive snow and ice plan designed to keep winter roadway safe in the most reasonable, efficient and effective manner.

 How priority streets are defined:
Priority 1 streets:
Primary arteries in and out of the city, such as Main Street, Nicholasville Road, Richmond Road.

Priority 2 streets: Major connecting streets, such as Red Mile Road and Loudon Avenue.

Priority 3 streets: Collector streets.

Priority 4 streets: Primary arteries in subdivisions, which can get residents to the main roads 




Dial 3-1-1 or (859) 425-2255
Fax (859) 253-1014




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