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Fire Structure-2
Photo-1: Crews operate at a commercial building fire with heavy smoke and flames

Fire Structure-1
Photo 2: BC Stapleton and Major Griggs in command with Ladder 7 on the roof of a house fire

Photo 3- The crew of Engine Co. #6 operates at a natural gas leak and fire

Fire Vehicle-1
Photo 4- The crew of Engine Co. #21 operates at a vehicle fire scene

Fire Wildland-1
Photo 5- FF Jordan Saas rests while working at a woods fire on Old Richmond Road

When most people think of the responsibilities of a fire department, putting out fires is usually at the top of their lists. The Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services handles all types of fires from commercial business fires (photo 1), to fires in residential occupancies (photo 2), to natural gas fires (photo 3), and and vehicle fires (photo 4). In addition, despite the relatively limited amount of rural areas in Fayette County, the LDFES also responds to several wildland-type fires each year (photo 5).




EMS Buggy
Photo 6- Paramedics Matt Olmstead (left) and Joe Nugent in front of EC8 at UK Hospital

Photo 7- Paramedics Rob Forehand and Tom Merideth on a medical response in 2009

Photo 8- EC6 transporting an injured rider from the arena at the KY Horse Park

Photo 9- Paramedics Mike Bonfert and Anthony Johnson of the LFD's Bike Medic program

Many fire departments also respond to medical emergencies these days and the Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services is no exception. The LDFES operates one of the top emergency medical service programs in the country and it only continues to get better with new programs and equipment. Recently the LDFES added a "Bike Medic" program that places trained paramedics on bicycles to better patrol large events for those needing aid (photo 9) and to respond quickly to emergency calls.




Do HM 2
Photo 10- LFD Hazmat crews are trained to handle many types of leaks.

Do HM 1
Photo 11- LFD Hazmat crews dress out for a hot zone entry

Do HM 3
Photo 12- Captain Jeff Garris and FF Randy Patterson attempt to stop a leak from an overturned tanker

Do HM 4
Photo 13- The aftermath of a train accident in Irvine, KY. The LFD responded as part of the BERT Team

 The Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services operates one of the foremost hazmat teams in this region of the country. The LDFES Hazmat Team responds to all types of hazardous materials incidents from simple fuel spills to major chemical leaks. In addition to responding within Lexington and Fayette County, the LFD Hazmat Team is a leading member of the Bluegrass Emergency Response Team (BERT), a regional team made up of members from numerous central KY counties. 


-Technical Rescue-


Rescue Ext 1
Photo 14- The LFD working at the scene of a vehicle extrication

Rescue Rope 1
Photo 15- Rope rescue training on UK's campus

Rescue Dive 1
Photo 16- Major Bayer at dive training

Rescue Trench 1
Photo 17- LFD crews operating at a trench rescue incident

Rescue Water 1
Photo 18- Crews rescue a truck driver from flood waters on Bryan Station Road

Rescue Water 2
Photo 19- LFD rescue crews check a submerged automobile at Jacobsen Park

 In the late 1990's the Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services added a specialized rescue team to its ranks and opened up membership to those firefighters who wanted to learn more in depth techniques to handle special types of incidents. Operating under the LFD's special operations command, the team handles advanced vehicle extrications (photo 16), trench rescue (photo 17), ice rescue, high and low angle rope rescue (photo 15), water rescue (photos 18 and 19), RIT, confined space rescue, collapse rescue and both wilderness and urban search and rescue.


-Fire Investigation-


Investigations 3
Photo 20- FF Matt Howard operates the LFD's accelerant detection canine "Garvey" 

Investigations 1
Photo 21 - The now-retired accelerant detection team of Captain Gary Ward and "Specks"

The Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services operates a team of fire investigators that includes an ATF accelerant detection dog (photos 20 and 22). Unlike many of today's fire investigators, the LFD's investigators are certified peace officers who are trained by the Lexington Police Department to handle investigations, arrests and other issues traditionally handled by police officers (photo 21).


-Public Education-






Pub Ed 1
Photo 23: LFD crews speak to thousands of children each year with their message of fire safety

Pub Ed 3
Photo 24: Sparky the Fire Dog also helps spread the fire safety message of the LFD

Pub Ed 2
Photo 25: The LFD's Junior Fire Chief program helps bring fire safety into the school system



-Service to the Community-


Serv Comm 1
Photo 26: Off-Duty LFD crews volunteered to help build homes in the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina and also assist Habitat for Humanity here in Lexington

 Serv Comm 2
Photo 27: Each year LFD crews volunteer at numerous events to raise money for charity

Serv Comm 3
Photo 28: The LFD organizes many fund raisers each year for local charities

Serv Comm 4
Photo 29: Possibly the most well-known charity drive that the LFD organizes, The Lexington Firefighter's Toy Program (formerly known as "Toys for Tots") has been helping local children wake up to a Merry Christmas for over 50 years.


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