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LEXserv -- AutoPay


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Online options

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Downloadable forms

If you do not have online access and wish to enroll or cancel automatic payment of your LEXserv City Services, you may use the following paper forms. Note: The process of mailing your form in takes longer than enrolling or canceling online.

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Terms and conditions

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Questions and comments

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Auto pay

FAQs about AutoPay

QUESTION: What is Automatic Payment?
ANSWER: You can pay your LEXserv bill automatically each billing period without writing a check. Your account balance is paid automatically from your bank account with our secure process. There is no processing fee charged to customers for using this service.

QUESTION: How does Automatic Payment work?
Once you have enrolled in Automatic Payment, each month on your LEXserv bill due date, LEXserv will automatically withdraw your amount due from the checking or savings account you used to enroll.

QUESTION: How do I sign-up for Automatic Payment?
Enroll online safely and easily by
clicking here or download and fill out a PDF form, attach a voided check, and mail to the address shown on the form.

QUESTION: What does it cost to use this service?
There is no charge for using this website or the services it provides.

QUESTION: How do I change the banking information for my AutoPay when I change banks or bank account numbers?
If you have an existing AutoPay, you must first cancel the authorization with the old banking information, and then re-enroll in AutoPay with the new banking information. You may do this online OR by mail as follows:

To Update Your Existing AutoPay Online:
Step 1: Cancel your current AutoPay by clicking Cancel AutoPay of your LEXserv City Services bill and enter the requested information.
Step 2: Re-enroll in AutoPay by clicking Enroll in AutoPay of your LEXserv City Services bill

To Update Your Existing AutoPay by Mail:
Step 1:
Download and complete an Automatic Bill Payment Cancellation Form for the old banking information. Click here for cancellation form.
Step 2: Complete a new Automatic Bill Payment Enrollment Form with the new bank account information. Click here for enrollment form.
Step 3: Mail both forms to LEXserv City Services, P. O. Box 13057, Lexington, KY 40512-3057, along with a canceled check for the new bank account. (Please note that it will take up to three weeks for the changes to be made when the paper forms are used. Please use another means to pay any LEXserv bill that comes due in the meantime.)

QUESTION: When I move, do I need to make any changes to my AutoPay?
When you moved, your old account was terminated as well as the automatic payment of it. Once you know the new account number, you may enroll in AutoPay as a new customer, either online or with a paper form. If using a paper form, it may take up to three weeks for the enrollment to go into effect. Until then, please pay your LEXserv bill by another method.


QUESTION: Who do I contact to answer my questions or report a problem?
For general AutoPay questions or online enrollment or cancellation questions, please call a LEXserv City Services representative at 1-888-987-8111.

QUESTION: Who do I contact to answer questions about the paper enrollment or cancellation form?
Please call a LEXserv City Services representative at 1-888-987-8111.

QUESTION: How do I cancel out of the Automatic Payment service?
If you would like to cancel our Automatic Payment service, follow these simple instructions. Log in to LEXserv, click the AutoPay Signup tab, and select 'Cancel' from the left navigation menu. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

QUESTION: How do I enroll in Automatic Payment if I have a payment plan?
If you currently have a payment plan, it must be paid in full before you can enroll in Automatic Payment.

QUESTION: How do I change my phone number or e-mail address?
To change your email address or phone number, you need to contact Customer Service at 1-888-987-8111

QUESTION: How do I change my payment due date using Automatic Payment?
One of the benefits of Automatic Payment is that your bill is paid on the due date stated on your LEXserv bill. So we do not give you the option of changing the due date.

QUESTION: What are the technical requirements to use this website?
This website is optimized to run with a Microsoft Internet Explorer ® (version 6.0 or higher) browser using a screen resolution of 1024x768. If you use another browser some site functions may not work.




QUESTION: Why doesn't the 'BACK' button on my web browser work on this website?
To maintain the highest level of information security, this application restricts the usage of the back button on the browser program and the user will need to log in again after 30 minutes of non-activity.

QUESTION: What information do I need for on-line enrollment in the Automatic Payment service?
You will need your LEXserv or Kentucky American Water account number and a check from your desired checking/savings bank. Once you have gathered this information and logged into the LEXserv web site, click the AutoPay Signup tab, and then select “Enroll” from the left navigation menu and follow the simple instructions.

QUESTION: Will my personal information be sold to a third party?
LEXserv City Services will not sell or distribute your personal information to any third party. Your personal information will only be used by LEXserv to identify and/or contact you regarding your LEXserv service.

QUESTION: How do I know my Automatic Payment transaction is secure?
LEXserv places security as its top priority. We use 128 bit encryption to ensure that all of your on-line transactions are safe and secure.

QUESTION: When is the Automatic Payment taken out of my bank account?
On the payment due date, the amount due will be withdrawn from the checking or savings account of choice. If your due date falls on a weekend or holiday the amount due will be withdrawn on the next business day.

Note: If your bill is due today and/or if you have a past due balance, your bank account will be drafted for the amount due within the next two business days.

QUESTION: How do I know when my Automatic Payment has been made?
The amount paid will appear on your bank statement.

QUESTION: How do I recognize the Automatic Payment on my bank statement?
The following Automatic Payment verbiage will appear on your bank statement when a payment is made: 'LEXFAYURBGOV-EFT'.

QUESTION: How do I cancel a scheduled Automatic Payment without being cancelled from the Automatic Payment service?
To cancel a scheduled Automatic Payment you must cancel your Automatic Payment service. Once you cancel the service your payment will automatically be cancelled. You may re-enroll once your balance is paid in full.

QUESTION: What happens if I don't have enough money in my account to make my Automatic payment?
Insufficient funds are handled in the same manner as an overdraft for a written check. If you do not have an arrangement with your bank to cover any charges made to your account when you have insufficient funds, you will incur a fee from LEXserv City Services.

QUESTION: Can I use a credit/debit card with Automatic Payment?
Currently, Automatic Payment is not available for credit/debit card payments.

QUESTION: What email messages will I receive?
LEXserv City Services will send you an email to verify successful completion of the following activities.

  Arrow Registration
Arrow Payments – An email will be sent 7 days prior to the payment due date
Arrow Cancellation, should you cancel the LEXserv AutoPay
Arrow Other important LEXserv messages about your bill or payments.

QUESTION: What do I do with the emails I receive from this website?
Payment confirmations should be kept for your records.


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