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QUESTION: What is LEXserv?
LEXserv is the city services billing program for Lexington. Your LEXserv bill covers the fees for city services for Sanitary Sewer, Landfill, and Water Quality.

QUESTION: How long do I have to pay my LEXserv bill?
Payment is due 21 days from the bill issue date. Delinquent bills will incur a 10% penalty on the outstanding balance plus additional interest charges.

QUESTION: When and how are LEXserv fees adjusted?
 The Sanitary Sewer and the Water Quality Management fees are adjusted, as required by ordinance, every July 1 to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index.

QUESTION: How do I pay the LEXserv bill
There are many payment options, but the easiest is AutoPay, where your LEXserv fees are deducted automatically from your bank account on the payment due date.

Note: If your bill is due today and/or if you have a past due balance, your bank account will be drafted for the amount due within the next two business days.

Other payment options that do not require a fee include:

  Arrow  Checks or money orders can be mailed to P.O. Box 742636, Cincinnati, OH 45274-2636 with your bill. Please do not mail cash.
Arrow Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards can also be taken to the Government Center at 200 E Main, 2nd Floor. Please bring your bill with you for proper processing.
Arrow Drive up and drop off your payment in Lexington's handy LEXserv payment box outside the Government Center at 200 East Main Street.
Arrow Enrollment for BillPay may also be available through your bank or credit union website.



The following secure payment options require a small fee:

  Arrow  Pay by phone by calling 1-888-987-8111, selecting the payment option, and using your credit or debit card.
Arrow Pay online using your credit or debit card at our secure site: LEXserv Quick Pay.

Note: if your LEXserv account is in immediate jeopardy of disconnection or if your water has been turned off as a result of a delinquent LEXserv account, you must pay in person by cash, money order or credit card at 200 East Main Street in Lexington.

QUESTION: Is there a way to see my LEXserv bills online?
You can now view your current and previous LEXserv bills online. Bills are available for downloading. The service requires you to sign up. You’ll need your LEXserv account number. ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT OR SIGN UP.

 QUESTION: What is the Landfill Fee?
The Landfill Fee, $4.50/month for residents receiving this service, provides for the safe, sanitary and environmentally responsible management and disposal of our solid waste. In fiscal year 2012, the city of Lexington paid $2.2 million for these disposal costs. If you do not receive waste pick-up services, the Landfill Fee will not appear on your LEXserv bill.

 QUESTION: What is the Sanitary Sewer Fee?
The Sanitary Sewer Fee is calculated based on water consumption, and pays for the maintenance and operation of Lexington’s sanitary sewer system. Wastewater from sinks, tubs and toilets flows into Lexington’s system of pipes, pump stations and treatment plants for processing. If you do not receive this service from the city, the Sanitary Sewer Fee will not appear on your bill.



QUESTION: What is the Water Quality Management Fee?
The Water Quality Management Fee allows the city to build and maintain our stormwater system to safely and efficiently remove rainwater from our city and neighborhoods.

 These efforts will improve water quality in our streams in Fayette County by reducing stormwater pollution.

 QUESTION: What if I can’t afford my bill
Assistance is available for the Sanitary Sewer and Water Quality Management fees. A resident who is 65 or older OR who is receiving social security disability benefits AND whose annual income is under $25,000 can apply for a discount to these fees. Contact Adult Services at 258-3810 for more information.

 QUESTION: What if I do not pay my bill? Will my water be shut off? 
Failure to pay the LEXserv City Services fees will result in an additional 10% penalty, interest charges, and may result in termination of water service. Call LEXserv Customer Service at 1-888-987-8111 to discuss payment options OR click here for the How to Pay page.

QUESTION: Who should I call if I have questions about my bill or payment?
Call the toll-free LEXserv Customer Service number: 1-888-987-8111.

QUESTION: Who should I call if I have questions about LEXserv?
Call 1-888-987-8111.

Last updated: 5/29/2014 2:26:57 PM