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Police Officer Employment Procedures

NOW HIRING! Application deadline is October 22, 2014

How to apply for Police Officer:

Step 1. Submit the online Position Interest Form This form lets us know you are interested in applying with our agency and it automatically registers you for the written exam.  You will NOT receive a confirmation phone call or email.  This form is not the application; in addition, you must fully complete an application (step 2).  Please check eligibility requirements before proceeding.

Step 2. Submit the online Application at -  This application is submitted to the Human Resources Department of LFUCG. The application must be submitted before the listed deadline, and you must apply for the specific job title of police officer.  Click "Save" for each page of the application and then click "Submit" when you are finished filling out the entire application.  [If you do not see police officer listed, use keywords:  police officer; posted: anytime in the search box].

Step 3. Written Examination: By filling out the Position Interest Form above, you are automatically registered to take the written exam. 

  • TEST TIME FOR WRITTEN EXAM:  6:00 pm.  Have your driver's license for check-in.  You will not be allowed to test without your license.
  • LOCATION FOR WRITTEN EXAM:  Bluegrass Community Technical College (BCTC), Leestown Road Campus, 164 Opportunity Way, Building C, Room 136. 

Phase 1 testing consists of a written exam, physical agility test and an oral board interview.  After passing the written exam, applicants may sign up for the physical agility test.  All test dates are available to all applicants.  However, persons traveling from out of state are encouraged to select a date highlighted in red.  Phase 1 testing can be completed for out of state applicants in a two (2) day period.  Out of state applicants are not restricted to dates posted in red but can choose the most convenient dates.


Written Exam -  September 25 and November 5.

Physical Agility - September 26, September 29 (if needed), November 6, and November 8 (if needed).

Oral Board - September 26, September 29 (if needed), October 15, November 6, and November 7 (if needed).

Both the Physical Agility and Oral Board will be scheduled by a member of the Training Academy after successfully passing the written exam.

The written examination administered is the National Police Officer Selection Test:
  • Mathematics 20 questions – 20 minute time limit
  • Reading Comprehension 25 questions – 25 minute time limit
  • Grammar 20 questions – 15 minute time limit

While related to police work, no prior knowledge of law enforcement is needed. The written test will count 35% towards your overall score. The passing score is 65%. Once the written test is complete, each candidate will be immediately graded and given their scores. Successful candidates will move on to the Physical Agility Test and can register immediately after passing the written test. 

Step 4. Physical Fitness Examination   Five (5) physical fitness tests will be given in the following order. To meet the state standard, an overall minimum of 50 points must be achieved. Failure to meet the overall minimum requirement constitutes a failure for the test battery. The Physical Agility Test is pass or fail and does not count toward your overall score.

  •  BENCH PRESS (Video) – This is a test to measure absolute strength. Lower the bar until contact is made with the chest to the 3 inch sponge. Then from the down position raise the bar toward the ceiling, until the full, yet soft extension of the elbow is obtained.
  •  SIT UP TEST (Video- This is a test to measure the abdominal or trunk muscular endurance. While lying on the ground, the candidate will be given 1 minute to do as many bent-leg sit ups as possible. Sit ups are performed until the 11 point threshold is met or until the 1 minute time limit is reached.
  •  300-METER RUN (Video) - This is a test to measure anaerobic power or the ability to make an intense burst of effort for a short period or distance. This test consists of sprinting 300 meters in 65 seconds or less. Entire body must cross the finish line.
  •  PUSH UP TEST (Video– This is a test to measure muscular endurance. While in the up position, arms fully extended and legs extended body forms a straight line. Push ups are performed until the 11 point threshold is met or until the 2 minute time limit is reached.
  •  1.5 MILE RUN (Video- This is a test to measure aerobic power or cardiovascular endurance (the ability to have stamina over time). This test consists of running/walking or any combination as long as the appropriate distance is covered. Entire body must cross the finish line.


    9 pts

    9.5 pts

    10 pts

    10.5 pts

    11 pts

    Bench Press (% body weight)





    > or = 73%

    Sit Ups (repetitions)





    > or = 18

    300 Meter Run (seconds)





    < or = 65

    Push Ups (repetitions)





    > or = 25

    1.5 Mile Run (min:sec)





    < or = 16:15

    NOTE: The candidate must pass all five (5) events in order to successfully pass the entry-level physical fitness testing requirements and to be eligible to continue in the recruitment process. If the candidate fails any event, they may re-take that event no sooner than 48 hours and no later than 60 days. If a candidate withdraws from any event they will be required to complete the entire physical fitness testing at the next regularly scheduled exam. A candidate may participate in the physical fitness testing in its entirety (test and retest) up to four (4) times in a one- (1) year period, which shall be calculated from the first date of testing.  Candidates will be required to pass another physical fitness examination post-offer, pre-employment for appointment to the academy.

    For further information regarding physical fitness testing, please refer to the “Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, Physical Training Standards” booklet.

    Step 5. Oral Board Interview: Those candidates successfully completing the physical fitness examination will be scheduled for an oral board interview. The oral board interview will be weighed at 65% of your overall score. The oral board will consist of questions concerning your previous experience, training and knowledge for successful performance as a police officer.

    After the oral boards are complete, the scores from the written and oral boards are combined to compute the final score. A preliminary ranking will be established, and candidates will be placed in rank order based on their combined scores.


    Required documents to bring with you for Polygraph/Background Interviews


    • Birth Certificate - Official copy from the State Bureau of Vital Statistics (Hospital/Health Department birth records CAN NOT be substituted for this State document; no photo copies).
    • High School Diploma or GED Certificate or College Transcripts with original seal and signature (no photo copies).
    • Five (5) year driving record from your County Clerks Office or your State DMV.
    • Copy of Form DD 214 and all military I.D.'s
    • Copy of any and all certificates; achievements, certifications, awards, etc.
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Copy of Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance for every vehicle in your name.
    • Out of State Applicants must obtain a Local Criminal Records Check from their respective jurisdiction.

    Please ensure you have provided an accurate email address to receive correspondence from the Background Investigation Unit (859) 425-2543.

    1. Pre-polygraph/Background Interview: Those candidates who complete the oral examination, and are selected (any number designated by the Chief of Police) will be scheduled for a pre-polygraph/background interview and polygraph exam.

    2. Polygraph Examination and Background Investigation: The Division of Police will conduct a polygraph examination and complete a background investigation including educational and work experience, police record check, and reference verification on selected candidates.

    3. Psychological Suitability Screening: A psychological suitability screening test approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council will be conducted on selected candidates. 

    4. Selection: Upon completion of Phase II, all components from Phase I and Phase II shall be reviewed and taken into consideration when recommending candidates for selection of the academy.

    5. Post-offer; pre-employment physical agility exam (pass/fail): Each candidate recommended for appointment shall successfully pass a pre-academy physical fitness test. This exam will consist of the same five components given during the pre-employment testing phase. However, this is an additional requirement solely for LFUCG purposes and, therefore, no retest options are provided.

    6. Medical Examination: A medical examination will be given to those candidates recommended for appointment by the Police Chief. Those candidates recommended must successfully pass the medical examination. The medical examination will be job related and will include drug/illegal substance screening, which must be successfully completed before any candidate’s name can be submitted to the Urban County Council for ratification. In addition, under OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.1030, all individuals who would possibly be exposed to Hepatitis based on their job duties will be offered immunization at no cost after their first day of employment. Also, the medical examination will include an assessment to determine if other immunizations are up-to-date. Past immunization records should be brought to the medical examination and anyone needing other immunizations may obtain such on a voluntary basis. However, such other immunizations will not be the responsibility of the Urban County Government and the individual candidate must pay any costs incurred. Any potential employee is subject to a blood-alcohol and other appropriate tests. Candidates reporting for a pre-employment medical examination with a blood alcohol level at .02 or above will be disqualified and not recommended for employment with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.

    7. Recommendation: After the aforementioned requirements have been met, the Police Chief shall forward his recommendation of appointments to the Mayor. The Mayor may accept or reject any recommendation and shall have the sole prerogative to make the final appointments, subject to the ratification by the Urban County Council.

    8. Academy: Police Officers attend an in-depth training academy. The first three weeks are primarily a general orientation program. This is followed by at least 25 weeks of state mandatory police basic training classes, which will include training in law, firearms, patrol techniques, crime prevention, first aid, driving and many other areas. After the academy, successful candidates will be recommended for appointment as sworn employees of the Urban County Government. Those individuals appointed as a Police Officer will be enrolled in the Pension System and will be on probation for twelve (12) months or one (1) year.



    There is no lateral transfer policy into the Lexington Division of Police. Everyone must go through the procedures outlined above, provided they meet the requirements.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any applicant/candidate who has engaged in fraud or made a misstatement of material fact on their application and/or examination shall have his or her name removed from the academy register.




    Call the Recruiter: (859) 425-2325 or 1 (800) 755-6939

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