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Special Victims Section

Domestic and Sexual Assault Unit

The department restructured the Bureau of Investigation by merging the Sexual Assault Investigation Unit with the Domestic Violence Investigation Unit and the Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy Unit. This merger was enacted in 2008 creating this Unit in the Special Victims Section. This Unit includes the newly formed Domestic and Sexual Assault Unit comprised of 1 Sergeant, 4 Detectives, 2 Victim Advocates, and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. The DSA Unit is responsible for the investigation of all adult Domestic and Sexual Assault crimes. This restructure allows the agency to provide improved coordination between case investigation and advocacy service to victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence crimes.

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive or coercive behavior used to control an intimate partner. The behavior may be in the form of physical violence, sexual abuse/violence, psychological and emotional abuse or verbal abuse. The victim is forced to change their behavior in response to the abuse. Domestic Violence occurs in current or former dating, married or cohabiting relationships of heterosexuals, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals.

Batterers seek to gain and maintain power and control over their intimate partners by the use of actual and assumed power. The power takes the form of strategic, abusive tactics (physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional) to reinforce this control.

Report abuse by calling the 24 hour hotline at: 255-9808 or 1-800-544-2022.

If you are a victim, see that your children are safe. You can call the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program Shelter at (859) 255-9808. Call the police for protection, the abuser can be arrested without a warrant. Get medical attention, records, and photos of your injuries. You can file a criminal complaint and/or Petition for a Domestic Violence Protective Order through:

Fayette District Court
150 North Limestone
(859) 246-2248

Your abuser may be arrested for a violation of a protective order or condition of release after arrest.  Contact the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program to assist you and your family in obtaining protection and support services at (859) 255-9808 or 1-800-544-2022.

Stalking is extremely prevalent in battering relationships and is an important indication of the dangerousness of the batterer. The Domestic Violence Stalker engages in an intentional course of conduct (two or more acts) which serves no legitimate purpose, directed at a specific person or persons with the intent to seriously alarm, annoy, intimidate, or harass the person, causing them fear of sexual assault, physical injury or death.

Sexual Assault
Sexual assault happens to women, men, teenagers and children. Most victims of sexual assault tell no one for fear of what people will say or think about them. Therefore a large percentage of those assaults go unreported and victims do not get the support and assistance they need. Victims who take some action and seek support tend to recover sooner.
Sexual assault investigations are conducted with a team concept. The SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) is comprised of a Sexual Assault Detective, a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner), and a volunteer advocate from Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center who respond to the victim at the hospital to begin the investigation. The SANE nurse performs the evidence collection examinations for sexual assault victims 14 years of age and above. The SANE Program performs the examinations at the University of Kentucky Medical Center within the Emergency Department in a private room reserved for this exclusive purpose. State of the art equipment is utilized to obtain the best evidence collection possible. The detectives and SANE nurses of the Domestic and Sexual Assault Unit are trained to investigate sexual assault crimes while providing advocacy for victims directly and through partnerships with other victim assistance providers.

Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy Unit
The Division of Police recognizes a positive relationship between the Agency and the victim of a crime is crucial to successful prosecution, particularly in domestic violence related crimes. The Victim Advocacy Unit can provide and/or coordinate services for victims who have suffered emotional, physical, or financial hardship as a result of being victimized by a Domestic Violence related crime. Those services may include Emergency Shelter, Safety Planning, Referrals to Partner Agencies, Assistance obtaining Orders of Protection from the courts and keeping victims informed while their case navigates through the legal system. Advocates assess needs with victims and negotiate for community resources with partnering agencies and specialized services for crime victims. The Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Unit Works to establish a trusting relationship between victims and the department by providing victims with service that is dignified, respectful, courteous, and sensitive.

Elder and Mental Abuse Unit
Unit investigates reports of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of older persons. Assistance is provided against maltreatment, referrals to mental health and medical professional as well as victim's advocates.

Report abuse to Adult Protection Services at:
(859) 245-7136 or Lexington Police at (859) 258-3700.

Elder Abuse is the maltreatment or neglect of an adult 60 years of age or older usually by a relative or other caregiver in the form of physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation and neglect. Victims are usually women, elderly persons dependent on the caregiver for basic needs and elderly persons suffering from physical or mental illness. The extent of elder abuse is not completely known and it is estimated only 1 in 4 elder abuse incidents come to the attention of the authorities since most are not reported.

Crimes Against Children Unit
The unit investigates the physical and sexual abuse of children, crimes involving a child victim, and missing persons who are under the age of 18. If you know or suspect child abuse or neglect report it to your local child protection agency 24 hour hotline at (859) 245-5258.  Outside Fayette County call 1-800-752-6200.  Your report can be anonymous.

Any child can be a victim of abuse. As a community we are all responsible for the safety and well-being of our children. As parents, teachers, neighbors, family and friends, we must all work together to protect the right of every child to live in a safe environment. Many services exist in Lexington-Fayette County to prevent abuse, and to help child abuse victims, survivors, and perpetrators to break the cycle of abuse and begin the healing process.

Computer Forensic Services 
(859) 258-3637


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